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About My Daily Maui Photo

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Welcome to the new My Daily Maui Photo website, which is an extension of the popular Daily Maui Photo website and mobile Apps.

The purpose of this new site is to give Maui fans like you a way to submit your own favorite images of Maui and have them showcased on our website and our Apps.

Why “Your” Photos?

Daily Maui Photo was created by Chicago-based Software Engineer and Photographer, Kris Nelson.

Back in the day, Kris and his wife used to enjoy annual trips to Maui, which is when he captured the original collection of photos used when Daily Maui Photo started.

But that was then, and now we’re looking for fresh new photos for the Maui fans out there to enjoy. And that’s where you come in!

How to Contribute

The site is meant to be super easy.

  • You just create an account and fill out your profile – so we know who to give credit to.
  • Upload a photo you’ve taken – give it a title, caption, and location where it was taken.
  • Once it’s reviewed and approved, it’s added to the photo rotation in the earliest available spot and shared to Maui fans everywhere.

Ready to Start?

Great! Click here to create an account, and then check out the Submission Guidelines to make the review process for your images as smooth as possible.

Once you’re all set, head over to the Upload page and start sharing your photos with us.

Have a Question?

If you have more questions or concerns, check out the How it Works and Submission Guidelines pages to see if your answers are there.

If not, use the contact form on the home page to shoot me an email. I’m also working on an FAQ’s page as this site picks up some steam, too.


A big thanks for stopping by and helping to spread a little Aloha Spirit to Maui fans everyday.

It’s been fun sharing my own photos over the years, and now I’m just as excited to help you share yours as well!

– Kris Nelson